lundi 1 avril 2013

Plotin and San Antonio: a sweet antithesis

After a recent visit to the library with my daughters - who just love an afternoon spent hanging out with books - I came home with San Antonio and Pierre Hadot's book about Plotin, Plotin ou la simplicité du regard. I am quite happy with this combination of books by my bed. San Antonio is a 1950's wize-cracking old school French detective with a huge side-kick called Bérurier. The books are written in slang at an unstoppable pace with plots best described by the French word farfeleu (screwball or outrageous); they are also rather rude and terribly funny. San Antonio is the perfect accompaniment (or a sweet antithesis) to Hadot's dry and precise exploration of the works of the Roman philosopher Plotin. Hadot writes about philosophy in a pure understated style. He was much admired by Foucault and his work is mentioned in a great article here

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