lundi 16 février 2015

Vargas: The Chalk Circle Man

I am re-reading The Chalk Circle Man, a Fred Vargas detective novel, featuring the enigmatic police chief Adamsberg, renown for his Zen methods for solving crimes. The Chalk Circle Man - like all Vargas books - is dotted with eccentric characters, an oceanographic alcoholic scientist ( who stalks people in her spare time), an love-sick beret-wearing old lady with crocodile teeth and a beautiful, but very mean blind man. To be read.


In the past couple of months, I have fallen out of this blog, writing consuming my days and nights, at the back of my mind, a constant, parallel tick that - as I work, wash and drive my car - is trying to rewrite that paragraph, solve the plot twist, hack away at what must go. I have been in two places at once, here and there, in the world of work, family, friends and then inside this cave, right deep down, where something entirely different is happening. In the cave, time runs with multiple clocks and logic is utterly unreasonable; it's more about feeling your way in the dark, slicing through words with a delicate sword.