jeudi 14 mars 2013


I've been reading about Cioran on this blog. Read the entry from March 12th about trying to reconcile facism and good writing; a very, very complex subject. In case you don't get there, I will quote a little section from Jessica Crispin, 

"Last year I taught a class on bad people who wrote good books, and how the reader can, or if the reader should, try to separate the writer from the book....Then I picked up The Temptation to Exist a few days ago, and holy fuck it is good. The first essay in the collection rails against Tao philosophy and the idea of detachment, and it feels completely fresh, as if he's fighting against yoga studio philosophers, prattling about inner wisdom and mindfulness:

Almost all our discoveries are due to our violences, to the exacerbation of our instability. Even God, insofar as He interests us -- it is not in our innermost selves that we discern God, but at the extreme limits of our fever. "

I am tempted to buy the book....

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