lundi 21 décembre 2015

The next one

Time ticks. Been reading, writing, working, being so busy. I've also been watching The Bridge Series Three, which was brilliant, both in plot and characters. Saga's new male policeman side-kick is a fascinating, flawed partner-in-crime: a grieving, drug-addicted, hallucinating cop. The cast-iron story holds tight, steely, gripping the viewer with a series of eerie "staged" murders.  The third series is much stronger than Season Two.  
Also watched London Spy, which was endearing and beautiful, but patchy; stretching thin in the wide gap between conspiracy theory and Ken Loach. Great acting, but inconsistent episodes...

In-between shorts and a film project, I am starting work on the next book in my noir detective series. I'm following my heroine Parisian-based Prudence across the Channel, to Londres, into a plot-driven adventure involving vicious blackmail, entrepreneurs, art and tea-shops. Am off to London for Christmas to do some research.... and all the merry rest...
Bonnes fêtes!

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