jeudi 17 juillet 2014

Writing news: Visual Verse

     I have another piece on the brilliant website Visual Verse. I am using each inspiring image, as a woman writing postcards home each month! Follow part two of the journey here. Or here:

And just as a little appetizer, here are a few words describing the latest adventures of Aunt Dorothea :

To my dear niece Clementine,
     Our trip to China has been postponed, for the moment Albert and I are stranded in Paris. The summer days are long and hazy, the streets tainted with the colour of treacle. I do love it here in July. Albert spends his time playing chess with Boris, an organic farmer who comes to visit his family in the Marais quarter every summer. Albert and Boris are to be found each morning at ten, on the terrace of the Café des Amis. They sit hunched over their game of chess, ignoring their steaming cups of espresso, until the liquid turns cold and bitter.
     I watch them from afar, sipping my petit crème. I read Le Monde and peruse the pages of Paris Match. The chess pieces slip and slide across the chequered board. The knight hopping, the castle commandeering, the poor little pawns the foot soldiers of the game, murdered on mass by the others......

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